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DECA300ANDE2000 line is a refining line for the production of  chocolate and compounds, spreads and fillings, with a minimum fat content of 28-30%. The loading cycles start from the ANDE mixer to proceed in the refiner mill SFERA300, from 250 kg up to 300 kg of product.

The innovative refining system transforms the raw materials in the desired product. Raw materials are automatically or manually loaded in the mixer and then in the balls mill SFERA300 that proceeds to their refining.

The balls mill is composed of a double-walled thermoregulation anti-wear material tank. Inside there are steel balls moved by a stirrer for product refining.

After processing, by means of a pump, it is possible to discharge the product in a storage tank.

Finesse can vary from 18 to 20 microns depending on the product characteristics and refining time.



250-300 kg/cycle


400V. three-phase + neutral – 50 Hz
60 kW


After the manual (or automatic) loading of ingredients into mixer ANDE2000 (vegetable fats, hazelnut paste, cocoa powder, milk powder, etc.) by selecting the recipe, the line will start the automatic cycle.

From this step, the automatic DECA300 line will work IN AUTOMATIC until the product discharging in the mixer.

The mixed ingredients are loaded into the balls mill SFERA300 that proceeds to their refining.


  1. Automatic loading of the mixed ingredients by the mixer ANDE, in the balls mill SFERA300
  2. Refining cycle (according to recipe, time, temperature, etc.)
  3. Discharging into the storage tank and again phase 1-2-3 until the product is exhausted.

After processing, by means of a pump, it will be possible to discharge the product and send it to a storage tank.


  • Autonomous thermoregulating unit (heating/cooling) (external water cooling unit)
  • Lobe-pump with capacity of 3000 kg/h, for loading, recirculation and unloading of the product
  • Micro-doser for the dosing of lecithin in the refining phases
  • Stainless steel inner tank and bottom anti abrasion
  • Ball stirrer with adjustable speed
  • Plug-in machine installed on platform
  • Built-in modem for remote support
  • 7″ color and PLC operator panel for the management of all machine functions




  • Sfera-300


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