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CR150 – CR300 – CR600 – CR1000 – CR2000


Conching machine mod. CR, CR150, CR300, CR600, CR1000, CR2000, had been designed for satisfying at best chocolate aromatic ‘transformation’.

In addition to cocoa mass conching, there is the possibility of loading other ingredients of the recipe.

Through the continuous mechanical movement, exerted by the special stirrers inside the tank, the cocoa liquor is slammed on the walls of the tank. Favoring product aeration, moisture and residual acidity extraction.




15O kg – CR150

300 kg – CR300

600 kg – CR600

1000 kg – CR1000

2000 kg – CR2000


400 V. three-phases + neutral + ground – 50Hz

7kW, 16A – CR150

7kW, 32A -CR300

9,5kW, 32A –  CR600

16,5kW – CR1000

20kW – CR2000


  1. PLASTICIZATION:  that is to say the transformation of the product from lumpy into fluid through considerable ‘cutting’ efforts effected by a special horizontal agitator driven by a powerful motorization. In this phase air around solid particles are eliminated allowing the union with cocoa butter.
  2. DEHUMIDIFICATION and ACIDITY EXTRACTION: in this phase, the humidity and acetic acid (due to cocoa beans fermentation) are extracted from the product. With the progressive water elimination, viscosity is gradually reduced. This phase strongly affects the creation of the aroma and fluidity of the end product.
  3. AROMA’S DEVELOPMENT: by submitting the product to a continuous aeration, some reactions occur (Maillard reaction) which cause the transformation of many compounds present in others having pleasant taste. The continuous homogenization of the product inside the conching machine, keeping a constant temperature in addition to the listed process, it allows to get a global equilibrated aroma.


  • Completely realized in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Safety protections scotch-brite finishing
  • Double wall tank for thermoregulation
  • Water heating unit
  • Reinforced central shaft and special stirrers for granting a correct friction/homogenization of the product
  • Gear motor for controlling mixing shaft
  • Hinged upper covering for making charging phase easier
  • Acidity extracting device: air heating unit which blows hot air inside the conching machine for helping extraction
  • Discharging through a manual valve
  • Anti-vibration feet
  • Panel control 4,3” in stainless steel AISI 304 complete with PLC for the management of all the controls


  • CR150
  • CR300
  • CR600
  • CR1000
  • CR2000


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