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Infrared roaster


RED30 is a compact unit designed for the roasting of cocoa beans and dry fruits as hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. Designed for small and medium production.

With customizable recipes for process control from manual loading to automatic discharging of roasted product.

Easy openable upper top for easy cleaning, maintenance and contamination-free product change.

Roasting time:
25/45 minutes cocoa beans
20/30 minutes hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.



15 kg


400 V. three-phases + neutral + ground– 50 Hz
8 kW – 32 A

Compressed air needed:
240 lt/min


Product is loaded through an easy loading hopper, into the roasting room where it will be gently mixed during the roasting process. Roasting is realized by infrared lamps, which roast product reducing its bacterial charge.
During roasting cycle, peels and production scraps are collected in an extractable container. The sample picking device allows the evaluation of the progress of roasting cycle at anytime.
At the end of roasting, the product is automatically discharged into the cooler/peeler which cools down and peels the product mixing it in continuous. At the same time, forced air from cyclone will go through products for cooling it down and removing any eventual remaining peels.


  • Containing compact frame in stainless steel aisi 304 with thermic insulation (double insulation on roasting room).
  • Gentle mixing of the product with adjustable speed set in the recipe.
  • Continuous monitoring of infrared lamps absorption for process control and fault reporting.
  • Humidity extracting chimney with flow regulation from recipe (for a stronger or lighter extraction); humidity discharging in the environment (eventual outlet chimney excluded, to be realized according to supplier’s instruction.
  • Devices for product’s loading, roasting’s discharging and cooling’s discharging with pneumatic driving
  • Temperature sensors for the complete control of production:
    • Thermocouple for the control of lamps’ temperature
    • Thermocouple for the control of product temperature
    • Thermocouple for the control of humidity extracting temperature.
  • Product cooling cyclone for the aspiration of peels, complete with cyclone filtration system
  • 7″ touchscreen for the management of all machine functions
  • Plug-in machine
  • Built-in modem for remote assistance




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