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Filtro basket

FX FILTER is a thermo-adjustable double wall filter for dense or semi-dense products.

Complete of attachments adjusted on the basis of those of the displacement pumps. Filtering volumes depend on the pump and the relative machine to which they are associated.

The interior basket is interchangeable and has different filtering capacities depending on the mesh used.

Available models:

  • FX 1: filtering surface 575 _pressure: 3 (kg/cm²)_ weight: 10kg
  • FX 1,5: filtering surface 1200 _pressure: 3 (kg/cm²)_ weight: 20kg
  • FX 2,5: filtering surface 2800 _pressure: 3 (kg/cm²)_ weight: 40kg



  • SCONTORNARE - filtro+pompa


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