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Unit designed for cleaning cocoa beans from stones and dust which can damage the unit for following processing.

EASY CLEAN 100 advantages:

  • Improvement in roasting, avoiding fumes from dust burning
  • Cleaning maintenance of roaster at intervals more than 50%
  • Cancellation of risks to break cocoa-breaker and pre-griding because of foreign bodies (stones, wood, iron, etc)
  • Easy loading of product
  • Elimination of dust and therefore reduction of volatile bacteria



100 150 kg/h of cleaned cocoa beans


400 V three-phases+ neutral + ground – 50 Hz
3,5 kW-  16A


  • Main frame realised in AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Loading hopper for receiving raw and dirty cocoa bean;
  • Vibrating channel for feeding dirty beans into the aspiration module, built on two levels:
    • the first level with grid for eliminating small parts and magnet for the removal of metal bodies
    • the second one for unloading into the container
  • Suction module with height adjustment system, for a correct suction of dust and beans, allowing stones or foreign bodies to fall;
  • Stainless steel cyclone on wheels for separating dust from clean beans, complete with motorized rotary valve, with the function of discharging clean beans and keeping the vacuum in the suction chamber;
  • Stainless steel filtering bag on wheels, with motor fan for air filtering and residual dust storing.


  • SEPEL provvisoria


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